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Electric Power

Coating Systems

1. Cold galvanizing compound

2. Cold galvanizing compound+Metallic sealer

3. Epoxy graphene zinc +mid coat++PU or Fluorocarbon

4. Epoxy zinc primer+mid coat++PU or Fluorocarbon

Application Object

Power Generation
Thermal: main plant steel structure, boiler bracket, integrated pipe rack, coal transfer bridge, air-cooling platform bracket, dry coal shed space truss, booster station bracket, substation structure, pipeline, steel structure of desulfurization island, etc.
Hydroelectric: steel gates, trash rack, ship lift pressure piping, turbine, volute, the steel structure of the main plant
Wind power: wind power tower, plant, protective cover
Nuclear: steel members in the nuclear island, main plant, integrated space truss
Photovoltaic: torque tubes, columns, beams, equipment bracket

Power Transmission
Substation: structure, A-pillar, lightning rod, equipment pillar, valve hall steel structure of converter station, cable bracket
Transmission: power tower, angle steel tower, steel pipe tower, power steel facilities

Picture display

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